The Difference


That’s the difference. We bring you confidence that your information technology infrastructure will be smoothly and economically managed. Confidence that your web and graphic design will be top notch and cost effective.

Whatever your issue, systems integration, backups, disaster recovery, virus protection—you name it—we have dealt with it in our 20 years of information technology support. We have the skills to help your business navigate the sea of technological change into the future.

And we’re in it for the long haul. We work hard to build a relationship with you that is enjoyable as well as mutually beneficial.

As for web and graphic design, we help distill your ideas and message into their most attractive form. We understand visual and print media and how to use them to maximum effect on-screen or off. And of course, we have our handy IT department to back us up when needed!

Our support mantra is:

Prompt response. Preventative maintenance. Proactive planning.

Service not Sales

Digitally Hip focuses on service, rather than sales of hardware and software. That way, you know advice offered by Digitally Hip is motivated by your best interests, not by the need to make a sales quota.

Your Personal IT Expert

When you call Digitally Hip, you’ll get your own personal IT Expert who becomes as intimately familiar with your business’ IT structure as if he or she were your own employee. But your IT Expert will have the backup of Digitally Hip’s years of experience in the IT field, and there’ll always be a knowledgeable replacement available should your IT Expert fall sick or take the occasional well-earned holiday.

Rapid Response

At Digitally Hip, our policy is to return phone calls within 15 minutes. We troubleshoot as much as possible by phone. Beyond that, we have three levels of response.

Emergency! Your personal IT Expert or the closest Digitally Hip Expert will rush to your aid.

Scheduled Assistance Your IT Expert will schedule the soonest possible date to resolve your computer issues, either online or by site visit.

Planning and Preventive Maintenance Your IT Expert will arrange a mutually agreeable date to assess, discuss and resolve all your changing IT needs.

Support Contract

Personalized support contracts are available to cover regular maintenance, such as monitoring of storage space and traffic load, antivirus licences, support calls, windows patches, and discounted service rates—whatever you need.

Integrated Support

Digitally Hip saves you time and money by addressing all your IT needs, including sourcing hardware, programmers and other specialized needs as you require. Your IT Expert will cut through the jargon to make sure you get what you need economically and efficiently.

Free IT Assessment

Call Digitally Hip at 604.947.9141 for a free consultation. Your IT Expert will come to discuss your needs, do a preliminary assessment of the quality of your IT infrastructure, and recommend your best course of action.

Experience Counts

Digitally Hip has been serving clients in BC and elsewhere in North America since 1998.

Twenty-odd years of experience have taught us that certifications mean little when it comes to in-the-field IT support. Our rigorous training weans out those who are insufficiently dependable, adaptable and able to work—and communicate—well under pressure.

Our IT and Design Experts build not just workstations and networks and internet systems but, more importantly, longstanding relationships with our clients.

Based on beautiful Bowen Island in British Columbia’s Georgia Strait, 20 minutes by ferry from West Vancouver, Digitally Hip is a high tech centre in an island paradise. Though many of our IT Experts live in Greater Vancouver, it’s suspicious how often clients and staff choose to meet at our bucolic company headquarters rather than in the heat and bustle of the city!