Just Ask Our Clients

“You made a good choice in joining Digitally Hip, I have been a client of David & Emily’s for the past 15 years and they are great people. Good luck in your new venture and look forward to meeting eventually.”

~ Mickey Brumpton, Totall Appraisals Inc.

“Thank you for the invoice, but are you sure it is correct? I think it should be more, but having said that I do like the amount!”

~ Jane Boddy, Fairweather Cruises and Events Ltd.

“I just want to mention how thankful we are to you and David for the services of Chris. We were in a bit of a “pickle” the other day b/c our router broke down and therefore our internet connection. We explained this to Chris and he fit us into his already very full day. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you and your company, including Chris.”

~ Elizabeth MacKeigan, L’Arche Greater Vancouver

“Running a business is a difficult task as we all know all too well. Now imagine if you have a staff of 15 people sitting idly by because your server crashed. Despite all the controls and efforts put in place to avoid this situation, it does happen and good old Murphy’s Law will ensure it happens at the worst possible time.

Luckily we came across Digitally Hip who has come to our rescue more than once.

At our first meeting David promised us that our needs would always be met with speedy and efficient service and we have never been disappointed since. His focus is on all of our technical needs and he is able to communicate with even the most technologically challenged members of our staff,

All of his associates have impressive product knowledge and many times we have found ourselves explaining what problem we have and they are quickly able to provide us with options and products to solve our dilemmas.

We highly recommend Digitally Hip for their professionalism, integrity and service and thus we do not hesitate referring them on to our clients.”

~ Gabrielle Loren, Loren, Nancke & Associates